Dear friends,
the new wholesale price list will be updated and put online again sometime in July/August 2024. New orders can be placed from that moment on, and the orders will be handled in chronological order starting from the beginning of September then.

The next order handling period / possibility to ship will be from begin-September 2024 to mid-December 2024.
A general note: you can always check the travel information and order handling periods in advance below under "TERMS & INFORMATION."
(Quick summary: Basically, I have two order handling periods year by year: mid-February to mid-May and beginning in September to mid-December.) So from mid-May to the end of August and mid-December to mid-February, I am normally traveling to find insects for you. Please consider this in your order schedule with me. Thank you!

By the way, I am working on a new storage and order handling system, really needed because the business has grown enormously in the past few years, so I need to implement some improvements in order to work efficiently again, so hopefully from September or October any orders will be handled faster again. (If you write us a quick note, we will send you an email when the list will be online again.)

Thanks for your attention!
All the best!


Welcome entomologists and wholesale clients! We ship allover Europe, China, the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Peru and many more countries. Professional and experienced service provided.
IMPORTANT: Order schedule / collecting travel Notes 2024:
Our shipping / order handling period will be mid February 2024 until mid May 2024. And again from begin September 2024 until mid December 2024. (/ Next planned collecting trips / travels will be: Mid May to begin September 2024 and mid December 2024 to mid February 2025. In general we recommend to place an order even while are travelling / anytime, of course: Actually every order is recorded on the day you send it and added to the queue (orders are always handled in chronological order, so the earlier you order the earlier we can work on it. Its still possible to add / remove items / cancel order when it comes to working on your order, of course.).
To place an order please write me the Item Numbes and if you want to order more than the stated minimum order quantity please also state the quantity as well. In case its your first order or if your adress changed then please also let me know your adress and phone number for the shipping label and if you are a VAT registered seller please also let me know your VAT Number. Wholesale (dealer prices) prices are net, excluding shipping and payment costs. Plus Vat for clients within the EU except if you are a registered seller with VAT Number. Clients outside of the EU dont pay any European VAT, of course. News, as it took effect on 01.07.2021 EU sellers can no longer charge the home countries VAT rate for sales to private clients within the EU. So the VAT rate of the clients / recipient country will be charged and forwarded. For business clients (= with a VAT Number) there is still no VAT to add as explained above.

Wholesale (dealer prices) price list minimum order: 200 EURO net.
Minimum quantity per ordered species: stated in the list (the stated price always stands for the stated respective minimum order quantity (Example Item Urania ripheus A1 A1- 10m is the minimum order quantity and the price for the minimum order quantity is stated = 17,50 EURO (= 10m each 1,75 Euro = 17,50 Eur for 10m). In most cases I have more stock available than the stated minimum order quantity so you can feel to order more if you need (example 15 pieces of this item x 1,75 = 26,25 Euro) and in case a discount is possible for bigger quantity it is already stated in my list. We do not offer additional discounts. But the good news is that we dont send you trash in contrast to some of our competitors.)

Low shipping costs, usually 12 to 18 Euro via registered airmail, worldwide. For heavy parcels above 1kg its 15 to 25 Euro within Europe and 25 - 50 Euro worldwide, depending on destination country and weight.
UPS Express and DHL Express shipping available as well, depending on destination country.

We import and export legally including all required permits / documents / certificates. Also we are dealing with tropical insects from
old european entomologists collections, sometimes we can get our hands on colonial aristocrat entomologist collection specimens which are more than 100 years old!).

If you are located outside of the EU please make sure you are entitled to legally import our products before ordering.

Some notes:

We only deal with very common species of vertebrates (Bats, Dracos, Frogs,etc) which are abundant on fruit plantations and actually commonly eaten by the locals.
We never deal with rare and/or protected vertebrates.
All the Skulls and Skeletons have been taken from specimens which have been eaten by the locals.
You help local farmer families and indigenous people with your purchase and thus actively help to support protection of rainforest areas and sustainable farming practices (same as with buying dried insects).

We always calculate our sale prices at the lowest possible price. In General, please be notified that ship to you from Germany at a much lower shipping rate than if you import from Asia,etc plus when buying from me you have no risk and also no problems with customs.
On the other hand, same as every other market, this tiny insect market is subject to the laws of the market: Demand and offer, exchange rates (mainly US Dollar vs the Euro), shipping fees and extra fees for exportation from tropical countries to Germany are varying,too.So in some cases i have to pay more than in a previous year / season for some species (example for certain highly sought after species of decoration butterflies or huge Coleoptera) due to high demand from my competitors as well. But also sometimes I can get a better deal than in the previous year and this results in a lower selling price as well. I always try my best to keep the balance between actually having hard sought after species available in numbers in stock for my clients and at the lowest price as possible, based on what i had to pay for this and this in the ongoing season.
Please note, we are not a 365 days a year online shop but we are specialized in supplying resellers / artists as well as entomologists with materials in wholesale quantity to stock up for your business / projects. Its in the nature of our job that we have to travel a lot in order to obtain interesting materials for you directly in the tropical countries. So we can recommend to only offer for sale what you actually have in stock and to not order items quickly "on demand" because its only working with us if we are here in office and there is no (usually huge) order backlog. So, if its possible, i can recommend to rather place a few larger orders per year instead of many small orders, by this way you can secure your position on the market instead of running out of stock and help us saving time.
Please note, we cannot notify you when an item will be back in stock. Whenever we have new items we will update our online list so feel free check our online list from time to time to see actual availability / new offers.
Order schedule / travel Notes 2024:
Next planned collecting trips / travels will be, as every year,begin January 2024 to mid February 2024 and most of the time between mid May 2024 and end August 2024. Any orders arriving after mid May 2024 may only be handled starting from end of August 2024 (In chronological order - this means orders arriving after mid May will be handled first after returning home at the end of August 2024 and so on.) In general we recommend to place an order even while are travelling / anytime, of course: Actually every order is recorded on the day you send it and added to the queue (orders are always handled in chronological order, so the earlier you order the earlier we can work on it. Its still possible to add / remove items when it comes to finalizing the order, of course.).

Thanks & best wishes

email: fstumpe@interinsects.com OR felixstumpe@posteo.net

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