Central America 2011

Brazil 2010 - Thanks to Ed.!

Brazil 2010 - 2 Thanks to Ed!

Brazil 2010 - 3 Thanks to Ed!

Uganda 2010 Part 1

Uganda 2010 Part 2

Uganda 2010 Part 3

Peru 2010

Arizona 2010

Reunion Island

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Silberbachtal (Germany)

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South Korea

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Southern Greece

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Latin-America 2008 - Thanks to Jose Manuel!

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Tradtional outdoor museum

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Lanzarote 2008

Our Garden (Germany)

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Southamerica 2007

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Here you can find some insect and habitat-pictures taken by me and some friends. New pictures will be added regulary, insect-photographing is great fun... (nearly as insect collecting...;-)
New pictures are always welcome!
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